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August 2017

fish/ main dishes

coconut cilantro ceviche

Well hello there. Coming at you with the three Cs today. Because is there really anything that doesn’t improve with the addition of coconut? Cocktails, cake (more on that tomorrow), cream pie, ice cream…I could go on. There is something so evocative of balmy tropical shores when you combine creamy coconut, a hint of spice, a zing of lime and some ripe juicy mango. Just to remind you before you…

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rhubarb vanilla macadamia crumble

Well, we are officially halfway through the week, just that bit closer to the weekend, and I know dessert is on your mind. If you are as food-mad as I am, weekends mean one thing and one thing only. Cooking time! Having more time and less pressure than you have on weeknights means that you can get the creative juices flowing and whip up something delicious. If you want to…

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frosted funfetti blondie bars

So I’ll let you guys in on a secret, a very sad secret. Back in the UK, where I’m from, we don’t have sprinkles like this. At all. Funfetti is not a thing. Just let that sink in a little. I know that these sprinkles are only so colourful because of the artificial colourings (which are not permitted in the UK, unfortunately), but they are so pretty! So I knew…

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main dishes/ vegetarian

fresh egg pasta with kale pesto

Hey guys, just a little warning early on. I love pasta. If I could, I would eat it every single day. It is such a versatile food, and guaranteed to make you feel cozy and comforted no matter what kind of sauce you throw on there. Also, you get to top it with a glorious showering of my other favourite food group. CHEESE. What could be more delicious?! I can…

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white peach and raspberry sangria

So, summer is officially upon us. I am in England for the moment, and in traditional English fashion, I can’t help but start the conversation with the weather, typical Brit. Anyway, the evenings are drawing out longer and longer, giving us so much more time to enjoy one of the best things about summer…cocktails! Just picture yourself sat outside, watching the sun dip down, with an icy glass of white…

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