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October 2017


spiced apple cake pie

Yes, you read that correctly. Apple cake pie. Because why have just a cake, when you can have one inside a pie?! Best of both worlds. I’m definitely one of those people who finds it hard to make a decision when it comes to dessert, and I was really struggling between all these gorgeous dutch apple cakes I keep seeing on insta, and a classic apple pie. So I put…

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main dishes

bolognese sauce with pappardelle

Remember that soffrito from last week? Well here is your opportunity to use it! Bolognese is the ultimate comfort food. Rich, meaty and deeply flavoured. Plus there’s pasta. And parmesan. Heaven. I am finally back in the UK, after a somewhat chaotic combination of flights home. You know how it goes with connecting flights. It’s just fate that the first flight is always delayed so you won’t make the connection.…

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smoky maple cinnamon apple cider cocktail

All the cozy fall ingredients. All in one cocktail. Happy humpday guys! This one is easy to throw together and tastes like one of those fancy cocktails you’d pay $15 for in a snazzy bar. It also tastes like autumn. Thick knitted sweaters, trees shedding their burnished copper leaves, bonfires and fireworks, afternoons by the fire getting stuck into a new book, the sound of the rain tapping against the…

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baking/ dessert

pastel pink striped meringue kisses

Time for something pretty, pink and delicate. Meringue kisses! These little beauties are easy to whip up and ideal if you have just made my pandan ice-cream and are looking for something to do with all those egg whites. They also make great party favours or a replacement for a wedding cake. Meringue is also fat-free. As if you needed any other persuasion. I have made meringues plenty of times…

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