breakfast/ drinks

cleansing 3-ingredient green juice + my morning routine

Hello hello! Yes, I’m back with another super easy recipe to throw into your healthy January repertoire! I took inspiration from Alison Wu’s post about drinking celery juice in the mornings, you can find it here. Her pictures are so beautiful and creative, I am very much in awe of her artistic talent and her ability to make healthy living so beautiful. I like to amp up the flavour of…

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kitchen secrets/ vegetarian

the 3-ingredient secret to delicious sauces: soffrito

Coming at you today with a real killer. Seriously, this will crank your food up a couple of notches. You’ll have everyone asking you what your secret is. Soffrito! So basically, soffrito is a combination of onion, celery and carrot that is frequently used in Italian food. In France they call it mirepoix, and there are tons of other variations too. You may well have heard of the “holy trinity”…

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comfort food/ main dishes

cozy risotto with roasted butternut squash, blue cheese and sage

Ok, ok. Enough with the desperately trying to hold on to summer. It is officially FALL and time to get COZY! So I made risotto for you. Literally the most “fall” thing ever, loaded with comforting, sweet roasted butternut squash, creamy blue cheese and crispy sage leaves. Vegetarian food never tasted so good. You might actually forget that meat at meal times was ever a thing after you try this.…

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