baking/ chocolate

double chocolate salted caramel birthday cake

If double chocolate salted caramel birthday cake doesn’t get your mouth watering, then you must be taking Veganuary too seriously. This cake is heaven. So indulgent, so moist, so chocolatey. I love adding a little espresso powder to anything with chocolate in it. It’s such a great thing to keep in the pantry, even if you don’t actually like drinking coffee. It also works brilliantly in brownies to really bring…

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dessert/ ice cream

fruity pebbles condensed milk ice cream sandwiches

Guuuuys, I have been dying to share these with you all weekend but it was a busy one! How was your weekend? Hopefully filled with fun times, good memories and some delicious eats! Everyone keeps saying summer is officially over, but it’s never too late for ice cream sandwiches, amirite?! The first time I ever had an ice cream sandwich was in Venice Beach, CA. It was only my second…

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