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white christmas coconut margaritas

As promised, more Christmas cocktails!! I can’t wait for you guys to try this one. It’s easy to batch-make, tastes delicious and is the colour of snow! What could be more festive?! Coconut lends a smooth silkiness to everyone’s favourite margarita, and you can go wild with the garnishes. Red and green are obvious go-to’s, but you could also dress these up with whatever colour scheme you’re going for this…

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dessert/ ice cream

pandan ice cream sundaes with coconut chocolate sauce

I don’t know about you guys, but personally, I could spend a whole day in an Asian supermarket. Despite the fact that I cannot read any Asian languages. I actually quite like the fact that sometimes when I buy things, it’s a bit of a mystery and process of discovery. Last week I popped into an Asian store in Dallas after we grabbed some Vietnamese food for lunch. The fresh…

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piña colada cake virtual birthday surprise

This post is a little different. As you may know, I am spending the summer in Texas, and yet again I will be missing my mother’s birthday. She has supported me endlessly, and provided for me selflessly my entire life. So I wanted to do a little something to show her how loved she is and how thankful I am to have her, from several thousand miles away. A virtual…

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